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A Story and a Picture

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Here’s a story of a girl I was in love with
And a picture of a face that ruled my dreams
I often wonder if they’re all that’s left of it…
Does love die or does it fly on broken wings?

I remember the first time we met
The wind was chasing clouds up in the air
We sat in silence but I never regret
Seeing sky in her eyes and sun in her hair

But Time – it left me no more choices
She fell in love with someone else
Then Future brought them angels’ voices
And me – the heavy iron bells

It felt as though I had no eyes nor hands
Useless like the dust upon a shelf
Roaming in a no man’s weird land
Where Light was but a shadow of itself

Still I had no anger for this man (or was he just a boy?)
Who took my treasured one away but gave her love and shelter
Who warmed her heart and filled her fair eyes with joy
By whispering all the tender words I couldn’t tell her

They never knew my secret feelings
Strange enough – I lost my love but won a friend
And though my soul was not quite free of demons
In peace and friendship many years went

With the years passion gave a place to reason
I nearly forgot the way my heart was teased
And as the three of us stepped through the seasons
I thought I felt the burning cease

Until one night I saw her dancing,
Until one day I heard her voice
Then I knew there was no ending,
No nepenthe, and no fair choice

For after each failed fire there are embers that glow
Still I’d rather die than say a word
So neither she nor I will really know
How very much I was in love with her.

A story and a picture, a vision and a spell
Will it be over – only Time can tell…