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A White Night

The day is gone, I fear just like a child
In the bay the cliffs are covered by the tide
Memories… Of the girl I loved the best…
It’s a white night – I cannot get a rest.

I am dreaming, but still I am awake
I see a moon that is reflecting in a lake
Visions… Of a lost and lonely ship…
It’s a white night – I cannot get a sleep.

The white night is fallin’ – there ain’t no escape
I can’t run away from myself
The white night is fallin’ – I see a frightful shape
And I start to build a thicker shell

The shell won’t help, ’cause the nightmare is inside
When I go to bed it takes me for a ride
Oh, God, please say, what was the sin?
There’s no answer – as it’s ever been.

There’s the white night – as it’s ever been.

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